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Update Star has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and Windows XP, 32 bit and 64 bit editions.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. I want to get to know you better.-Um, I like to look up at the stars at night.-I want you to go out with me.-Don't call me annoying! Also, the key costs 800$, so work either at Antiques or the Cafe to get the right amount.) Correct answers:-I got the key of course.-No big reason, I was just curious.-But... I come here to bug you.-Then you're saying that you're selfish too.-But I don't want to! Purra Academy dating sim takes you to a land populated by immortal cat people.They are emotionless, but maybe you can change that.

BTW, liked Soda`s comments and kamilla`s too as well as others . Did you still get to fuck someone, the boss, your co-worker, or you plainly got the boot ? Jessica, the boss, offered to `comfort` me, while I (aka Morgan), got to have an all out sex treat on the back of an alley. All hard core, rough and went domination on Jessica - apparently she liked it so much ... Great game..music was very fitting, but sound effects would have been nice....models were all incredibly hot, with Jessica being my favorite.....great game.sex scenes were amazing, but the controls left me wanting... The graphics is good and the general story turn possible elaborate the sequel The Agency 2 width more girls and world places. Also that click here button make things kind of boring but anyway it worth to play I really enjoy doing it.-The sex scenes were hot, especially the one with Caroline. Last but not least, speaking about getting fired, will try that now, the last possible end for this adventure . Further feedback - have I said the models look astounishing ? Even though the way the `actors` pose is repeated, if you follow up the story nicely, without useless clicks or nagging the characters, you will get them pose apropriate to the dialogues .Though, would not have been bad if, Morgan would have gotten to get intimate with Caroline, as a compensatory reward from her to him, since he got himself fired and her rocketed on the agency`s power ladder, as a side effect . As others have said, the sex scenes need work - lots of work. Adding, as Soda said, I quote :` The click style is too `sober` for such hot and passionate scenes. , get to experience it, cause it`s a whole other thing doing it than just reading it. - naration, plot and everything else in the same cathegory - 9. ( though could do better on the ending intercourse scenes ) - animation 2 .HOWEVER, to be logical, your character Morgan wouldn`t normally be able to reach the Sasha ending without blackmailing Caroline for Sasha`s info (instead of having sex with Caroline). This will improve gameplay and game itsel by more than 100%. well, gotta say some things too about this game animation- quite oke, just need to add more action involving puzzle or sex animations storyline- i do hope that some conflict or elongated events in the game, but it can be consider ok too rate.- 6.5/10. -The classic Point-&-click adventure gameplay works great.However, thanks for your efforts and great innovations! Q : how was Sasha able to talk with her mouth full ? Suggestion - it could have used some `animalistic` sounds, moaning and growling ... The intercourse scene with Sasha is much better from an artistic point of view, the models animation is much better put together . The intimate story line could use some work, generally speaking, though particularly refering to Sasha`s sex scene . just add up some more stuffs and i`m sure it will turn out more better This game has very good graphics and I consider it one of the best games. I love the main character`s comments on incidental details like the coffee machine.

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Just deal with it.-If other things means working, then no.-Yay!

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